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sample thank you's

Thank You Notes

To view our collection of thankyou notes and for fast and secure ordering information click on image below.
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It's a dirty job, but someone has to do it. There's no other way around it. You can't pre-print 'em and you can't just say, "Hey, Thanks!" and call it a day. You've got to write a personal note; the sooner the better. The truth is, if you procrastinate, it becomes even harder and more of a chore. If you write your note almost as soon as you receive your gift, whether it be engagement or shower, you will actually be able to 'feel' thankful and that will come through in your words...not only that, they will flow more easily. Etiquette says you should wait no more than two - three weeks for gifts you receive before your wedding. As for gifts you receive after your wedding, your honeymoon gives you a break, about 4 - 5 weeks.

When you do decide to tackle the inevitable, don't try to do them all at once. It's much bigger than you could know. Your 'Thank You' will sound progressively canned, begging to be released from your ball and chain.


Take the pressure off of yourself by making sure you assign someone to keep track of all gifts received during your engagement and bridal shower. This is best done by having them keep a list rather than write on the box or slipping a note inside each box where they can get lost or thrown out.

Ordering Thank You Notes:

The more traditional way is to order formal cards the same time you are ordering your invitations. Depending on the paper you use this will cost (at least!) upwards of $100 or so for 50 cards.

Budget Saving - You can go with pre-printed thank you cards from the store. These are just as acceptable and less expensive than formal cards, anywhere from $8 - $15 for 8 - 10 cards. Think about sending the 'informal' , pre-printed cards for gifts before the wedding so you can send them out right away. This way, you can opt to send formal cards for after the wedding and save a little. 

Writing Thank You's:

Make sure they are handwritten.

Mention the gift specifically and how you plan on using it.

Acknowledge each gift separately. In other words, don't combine thank you's for Aunt Gertude's shower and wedding gifts.

Don't forget to acknowledge your bridal party and ushers. Also, for all those who helped make your wedding special, including any wedding professionals and family members.

Use pretty stamps for the envelopes

Share the responsibility by having your fiancÚ/husband help you out.

Money Gifts - No need to mention exact dollar amount. Just acknowledge it by mentioning plan on using the cash i.e. toward the downpayment on a house or even your honeymoon!

Sample Thank You Notes:

Remember, mention the gift specifically, why you like it and how you might put it to use.

Dear Aunt Marilyn and Uncle Bob,

We just love the fountain. Not only is it beautiful, the sound is very soothing. We've placed it in our foyer where it enhances that 'welcoming'  feeling for guests who visit our new home.

Thanks for being part of our wedding day!

Christine and Michael

Acknowledge people who come a long way.Also, if someone gives you a gift from your registry, don't automatically mention the thoughtfulness behind it. That's tacky. After all, you chose the gift. Be a bit more creative.
Dear Tina and Kevin,

Michael and I want to thank you for coming such a long distance to be part of our wedding day. Your presence made the festivities even brighter. Good friends are always good company.

We appreciate your contribution to our china collection.

Christine and Michael


Thank the person in the same tone as if you were saying it in a conversation. In fact, say it out loud before you write it. It very well might end up being the perfect thing to say:

Dear Jane,

Our wedding wouldn't have been the same without you being there.You are a great friend!!. Everytime we look at the framed "Monet", we will think of you. I haven't found that perfect spot to hang it yet, but you know me, can't make up my mind. I'm driving Michael crazy aleady!

Christine and Michael

Here's a hint on how to handle a gift you don't like; use the word, 'unique'. A little white lie won't hurt.

Dear Aunt Anne and Uncle Joe,

You have such a talent for finding unique gifts. Thank you for the vase. It will look great in our new curio cabinet.

All the best,

Christine and Michael

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